Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enterprise says Thomas needs a reality check

In their editorial today, the Enterprise chastised Thomas for blaming the media for spreading misinformation and being sensational. They go on to say that the recent uproar from voters shouldn't be ignored and isn't made up.

Wake up Thomas!!!

First of all, you need to stop hearing only what you want to hear. There are angry voters who have a voice that you need to listen to.

Secondly, it's not the media's fault that you have a major problem with this bond issue and it centers around communication. If Thomas is telling people to go to BISD to get information and NOT the media then he is delusional. BISD is not making the CORRECT and most UPDATED information available to the public.

I personally put in a Freedom of Information Act request for information well over a month ago. By law, they are required to give me the information in 10 days or file with the Attorney General. Have I heard a word since? No.

Why should we go to BISD for information? Why should we trust them? Because Thomas says so?

Sorry. The time to trust has come and is long gone. You can pretend to have open communication, but you haven't shown it. I trust the media because at least they are objective. BISD has an agenda and is trying to give us THEIR propaganda -- which may be either a stretch of the truth or not at all.

I say THANK YOU TO THE MEDIA. It's your jobs to keep people honest and hold them accountable and I strongly believe they are doing that -- regardless of what Thomas wants to believe.

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  1. What did you seek in your Freedom of Information request? We've done something similar and got back one sheet of paper. Have you filed a complaint with the AG's office yet?


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